Here at Space In Your Case we love a little bit of luxury.  Let’s face it, who doesn’t?  Just because we have little people, doesn’t mean that we don’t appreciate a little bit of finery every now and again.  Therefore The Grove Hotel in Hertfordshire has been on our radar for a long time, and we thought it was about time for a visit.

The Grove most certainly didn’t disappoint, it was perfect break from start to finish, and we were really impressed with the child friendly facilities. (head over to Katie’s blog to see a full review) but we wanted to highlight the top 5 reasons why The Grove is so good for families…

1. There’s Anouska’s- The Grove’s dedicated Kids Club.

Open seven days a week and welcoming children from age 3 months to 11 years, Anouska’s is a great place to leave your children for some fun and games while you also get up to fun and games of your own.  Rated outstanding by ofsted, and with no minimum or maximum time restrictions, it’s a perfect place to let your children have fun while you sample exactly what the hotel has to offer.  We put our two girls in just for an hour and a half, just to give us time to enjoy a drink on our own and a walk around the beautiful grounds, the staff were great with them and they had a lovely time.   It would be perfect if you wanted to visit the spa or play a round of golf.

2. There is a pool dedicated to little people.

Just next to Anouska’s there is a children’s pool that you can use free of charge when staying in the hotel.  Older children can use the pool at the Sequoia Spa at certain times, but children of all ages can use the dedicated kids pool.  It was spotlessly clean, with warm temperatures, and best of all we were the only ones there when we visited.

3. There are endless grounds and gardens to explore.

The Grove is set in 300 acres of stunning countryside, with the most beautiful gardens- think fountains, plants and flowers galore.  Kids will love running free and exploring, plus you can hire bikes free of charge as well, which is perfect.  Plus a tip from us- if you fancy looking at the grounds in a different way, ask one of the concierges to give you a ride on a golf buggy- our girl’s loved doing this.

4. There’s a beach!

Why go abroad when you can have your very own outdoor pool and beach in the middle of the English countryside?  The Grove’s man made beach is sure to be a sure fire hit with the little people, especially in the summer.  With a stunning outdoor pool, a volleyball net and lots of sand to make sandcastles, it’s the perfect place to hang out when the weather is warm.  Or even when it’s cold when you are my daughter!

5. The little touches that make your stay so special.

The Grove isn’t one of those hotels that reluctantly accommodates children.  They go out of their way to make sure families are welcomed warmly into their establishment.  Whether that’s the cookies and milk available in your room on arrival, the toy box of toys waiting in your room, or the fact they let you have smaller portions of any meal on the menu- The Grove really does go above and beyond to make families feel comfortable.  Sometimes going to a luxury property means that you can often feel a bit wary of your children and what they are allowed to be doing/touching, but we genuinely felt that the hotel really does cater to families perfectly.