The moment you walk through The Great Hall doors you know you’re in for a magical treat.It’s somewhere you can go back again and again and never tire seeing. Aly, Bug Bird and Bee.

Why you'll love the Harry Potter studio tour - Hogwarts Express is here!

The Warner Brothers Studio Tour in Leavesden feels exciting the moment you enter the foyer, but when the doors to the Great Hall open, you know you are truly in for a magical experience. With the opening last week of new feature, the original Hogwarts Express steam engine and a recreation of Platform 9 ¾, we thought we’d ask some of our favourite bloggers what they love about the Harry Potter studio tour.

The new, permanent section offers a glimpse into how some of the films’ most iconic scenes were created as well as giving visitors the chance to pose with a luggage trolley as it disappears through the platform wall. Haven’t you always wanted to go through that wall and see what’s on the other side? Every inch of the platform’s glass roof, yellow brick walls and luggage racks have been painstakingly reassembled; you’ll even get to sit in the carriage where Harry’s first chocolate frog escaped him, and find out how the magic works.

The Harry Potter studio tour now lets you board the Hogwarts Express! For this, and lots more reasons to love the tour, read the blog.

Harry Potter Studio Tour – top rated:

Joanne, from Kids Days Out Reviews says her favourite part is always the creature shop. She claims the adults in her party are as much fans of Harry Potter as any 12 year old, and Tanya, from Mummy Barrow agrees:

I love how it is a great day out regardless of age, or if you haven’t even seen the films, you can still enjoy it. Ten of us went when my uncle and kids were over from the US. From 60 to 6, we all loved it. What do I love? The fact it is constantly changing. They have temporary exhibitions of things, like Quidditch or the animals, or they have opened new areas such as the Hogwarts Express or the Dark Arts area. It never feels stale. And all the people who work there are passionate Harry Potter fans. I love it!

Space In Your Case’s Penny also says the Harry Potter studio tour is a very multi-generational day out. Here’s what she loves the most:

The scale of it! I grew up with the books as a Drama and Film teacher, and a reader, so it’s the incredible feeling that you are on a set that was home to so many people, for so many years. It is where the child actors grew up, went to school and learned their craft. When you see the sheer number of people who worked on the films at the end, it really is quite mind blowing.

Laura loves the attention to detail. She explains: “No matter how many times you go you will see something different each time you look.” Laura has already visited the new Hogwarts Express, and you can read more about it at Tired Mummy of Two.

Something readers often ask us is whether or not the Harry Potter studio tour is suitable for younger children. Die-hard Harry Potter fans want to know if they should make the trip adults only, and if you really want to spend time on every detail, it would make sense to take the time to focus without distraction and leave the kids at home. But if you want a lovely day out with your family, you can be reassured that younger children will find it as magical as older fans. Anya, from Older Single Mum, elaborates:

My favourite thing about it is that it isn’t too big to get around. Everything is quite contained and you can take in the details. You’re not traipsing for miles – which makes a difference with younger children, although it’s not really suitable for toddlers. Another highlight is the (non alcoholic) Butter Beer.

Butterbeer is a drink of mystery; rather like Coke, the owners aren’t giving away its ingredients, but the team at Space In Your Case managed to make a passable copy using this recipe – give it a go if you, like me, can’t get enough. For UK readers, Morrison’s is the place *taps nose.*

Ali, from Kids Chaos loves the costumes and the props rooms. This is where you really get to see the work that goes into making the films, from creature models, to how they make Hagrid look so enormous! Michelle, from Mummy From the Heart, says the same:

I absolutley loved the special effects area and seeing how things were made and work, too cool!

And a final word from Aly, who’s favourite part is questioning the staff:

I love that the staff have a Harry Potter manual to read and learn – #dreamjob!

You can find out more about the Harry Potter studio tour on the website.