Space In Your Case wins Best Travel Blog at the 2015 BritMums Brilliance in Blogging Awards

Early in 2014 four family, travel, and lifestyle bloggers mused over coffee about the possibility of starting a new venture: a site dedicated to family travel, covering our own and others’ adventures, ideas for holiday inspiration, and travel news from a family point of view. After much excited chatter, more coffee, cake, and the occasional Prosecco, Space In Your Case was launched, in November 2014, at World Travel Market, London. Now, 6 months later, it is an award-winning travel blog!

Last Friday the Space In Your Case team travelled to London for the finals of the BritMums Brilliance in Blogging awards, where we were nominated in the Best Travel Blog category. We were going for the party, and the thrill of being finalists. The BiB’s – as they are affectionately known amongst bloggers – is a great night out amongst compelling blog writers, and we were set to have fun. As Katie commented on the evening, “We are in the company of such fabulous travel bloggers, it’s wonderful to even be considered for this award.” Never did we imagine we’d be walking away with the title of Best Travel Blog.

Best Travel Blogs 2015

The Travel section of the awards was filled with beautiful sites: Family Travel Times, written by an entire family, is such a candid look at one family’s life through their holidays and days out that it’s hard not to feel like part of the gang; Globalmouse Travels say they “don’t like being tourists, and love to search out the unusual,” and is so comprehensive you’re sure to find something to love there; Mini Travellers shows readers that it’s still possible to have an amazing holiday with the youngest of children; and journalist Gretta runs the hugely professional site Mums Do Travel that was one of the first to inspire us. So the competition was stiff!

Winning the award was the most wonderful feeling, as Penny notes:

“BritMums was an amazing conference and the Brilliance in Blogging Award ceremony had a really warm, community atmosphere. I know we are thrilled so many readers feel Space in Your Case resonates with them, and that the judges also loved the site’s design and content. Parent bloggers have so much to offer the travel industry and it is really exciting to be able to explore not just destinations, but the newest family travel travel trends, debates, gear and ideas.”

We were absolutely thrilled that the judges agreed:

“This site impresses across all the categories – aesthetics, great imagery, personal voice and travel content with a strong angle that highlights destinations, services and the family travel experience.”

And the fun doesn’t stop there. Immediately after the awards ceremony Katie was off to Levante with Mark Warner – read her review to see why she keeps returning with her young girls – and we all have more exciting news to bring you from our travel partners over the next few weeks. Working as a collective has really helped us to maintain momentum on Space In Your Case, so that when one of us is having a busy week, the rest of the team can pull together to keep things covered, as Alison points out:

“Winning an award feels incredible but to share it with these three women is fantastic. Space In Your Case is a true joint effort and we all bring different skills and experience to the team. Seeing that recognised by BritMums is the cherry on top of the cake!”

All that remains to be said is thank you! To our wonderful partners, who help us to share the latest trends in family travel, to BritMums for hosting such a great event, and most of all, to our readers, who have voted, and joined on our our journey so far. Wherever you’re going, leave some space in your case for us!

And the BritMums Brilliance in Blogging Award for Best Travel Blog 2015 goes to Space In Your Case!