Welcome to the July edition of our regular Instagram travel inspiration feature. Every month we ask you to tag your travel Instagram shots with #spaceinyourcase if you’re happy for us to share them with our readers. It also means we get to drool over even more of your holiday snaps and days out, and fuel our own wanderlust. We’ve absolutely loved the holiday envy inspired by our instagrammers this month, and here we’re sharing a few of our favourites.





Getting the perfect shot

Sometimes you really don’t need to have incredible photography skills to get an amazing picture – that’s the beauty of Instagram. You don’t even need to be on holiday. Often it’s just about spotting an interesting angle, a splash of colour, or an adorable moment with your child on a day out.

From top left

  • Sun shining on a pretty cardigan transforms a simple seaside shot fromΒ @mummytravels
  • A great vantage point always makes for a stunning view @littlewoodlife
  • Sometimes the sights speak for themsleves – @mumsgoneto showcases the Sibelius monument
  • @tamingtwins looks to the distance for an interesting sunset
  • A close-up portrait tells a holiday story for @onetinyleap
  • Then again the perfect shot came after the kids left the scene for @mini_travellers
  • Take a moment to notice colour, like @beckygoddardhill
  • Top tip from @bavariansojourn is to look up – you might find a pretty window box
  • @missielizzie shows us how it’s often all about the angle!

Ever tried paddle boarding? Katie shows how it's done on her Mark Warner holiday #mwmoments #spaceinyourcase

From the team this month we couldn’t resist sharing Katie’s first go on a paddle board – she looks like a total Amazon!

Happy travels everyone, and don’t forget to leave #spaceinyourcase for us! Please keep tagging, and we’ll keep sharing.

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