Instagram is an amazing place to mooch for a whole variety of reasons but for family travel fans like us, it’s a wealth of inspiration and ideas. We can be sitting drinking a cup of tea on our sofa, with the rain teaming down outside, and we’re suddenly transported away to Disney World or Devon through someone’s Instagram photos.

And when we’re away on our travels, the Space In Your Case team have found it incredibly useful to hear tips from our Instagram friends who comment on our photos and suggest places to eat or fun things to do with the kids. There’s such an amazing community feel on Instagram and we want to add to that with a new hashtag community: #FamilyTravelMoment

To join in, simply use the hashtag on any of your photos on family holidays, weekends away or day trips – there aren’t really any rules, apart from the photo should capture a moment that your family is sharing whilst on an adventure! So whether you’re having a day on the beach in Scarborough, doing a Gruffalo trail in a local forest or on the piste in Puy-Saint-Vincent, share your snaps with everyone, using the hashtag.

We’re hoping it becomes a great way for everyone to quickly see a plethora of family travel photos, to inspire more holidays and days out. We’ll be commenting on as many of the photos as possible and we will be choosing our favourite photos each week to feature on the Space In Your Case Instagram. We can’t wait to see your photos!


Image featuring: Evans Crittens Mum, Tigerlilly Quinn, Gill C, Let’s Do Something Crafty, Mummy Daddy Me, Alison Perry, Cool Bananas, Actually Pics, Penny Alexander, Lottie Storey.