Travelling in 2015

The tree has been packed away, we are frantically eating the last of the Quality Street so we can kickstart our fitness resolutions and we are desperately trying to find space for our children’s new toys- yes Christmas 2014 is over and 2015 is well and truly upon us.  Here at Space In Your Case we wanted to wish you all a very Happy New Year and we hope that 2015 brings you everything you wish for- whatever that may be.

Of course ultimately all that we want from 2015 is for all our family and friends to be healthy, safe and happy, but of course we wouldn’t be a travel website if we didn’t have travel resolutions, goals, wishes and inspiration….

Our plans for travelling in 2015



Top 3 Travel Wishlist for 2015…

1.  Disneyland Paris-  Now that my daughter is four I think it’s the perfect time to take her to a Disney park for the first time. She isn’t afraid of large characters anymore and she is obsessed with Mickey and Minnie. And Ariel. And Elsa and Anna. And Belle. And… well all of them.

2.  New York–  I’d love to go on a child free long weekend. I’ve been a few times before but there is something that just draws you back – I’d love to wander around Greenwich village and Central Park in Spring.

3.  A cruise – Having never been on a cruise, I’m curious about what it’s like. And, having long dismissed them as something for OAPs, I’m fascinated that so many cruise companies seem to cater brilliantly for families. I’d love to check one out for myself this year.

My 2015 Travel Resolution is…

To travel as much as we can before my daughter goes to school in September.



Top 3 Travel Wishlist for 2015…

1. A long-haul ski trip: we love the Alps, but there’s something about the wide open spaces of Colorado, Nevada, and  British Columbia that cannot be beaten – space! RED Mountain Resort put it perfectly on Facebook yesterday, and I can’t wait to see my children revel in that kind of snow freedom:


2. The real America: Before we had our children, Jason and I used to take road trips. We’d stop off at vineyards and beaches, and explore cities and countryside. I’ll never forget having a woodland lodge and a hot tub to ourselves in California. We’ve tended to stay closer to home recently (it’s easier with young children), but now is the time to start showing them the world. I want to visit the Grand Canyon, and return to Yosemite. But I want to see some of the less obvious states too – Wyoming, Montana, Dakota. The kids love to explore, my daughter is hugely active, and I plan to climb, hike, bear-watch and ride horses into the sunset…

3. Take some city breaks: Living as close as we do to Luton and Stanstead, as well as the convenience of the Eurostar, it’s just too easy for us to take weekend trips to Europe. Our weekend in the Costa Brava showed us just how quickly we can be in another world, exploring another culture, and I plan to make sure we make the most of our proximity to so much variety. Whether it’s Barcelona, or Warsaw, I want to discover food, people, and highlights of the world on our doorstep.

My 2015 Travel Resolution is…

To go further afield with my kids. Now they’re older I want to do more, experience new things, have adventures, and let them show me what kind of travellers they are. I want to help foster a love of travelling in them so I can watch their adventures as well as enjoying mine. Plus I want to make the most of them before they get too cynical to want to travel with us any more!



Top 3 Travel Wishlist for 2015…

I already have some exciting trips booked for 2015 which I can’t wait for but if I had to say new ones that are my dream choices for 2015 it would be…

1.  New York– I badly want to take my girls to New York.  Having been there twice before I had children, I would love to go back and experience the city with my family, especially in the Spring or Summer as I have only ever been in the Winter before.

2.  Dubai– Again I should probably be picking somewhere that I haven’t been before, but I went to Dubai in 2006 and I loved it.  It’s changed so much and developed at such a high speed since then and I would love to go back and experience it again.  The new(ish) Atlantis resort looks incredible for families and plus at only approximately a 6 hour plane ride, it’s not a ridiculously long flight with young children.  We also have friends who live out there so it would be great to go and see them.

3.  Cornwall– I adore Cornwall and now my girls are that bit bigger I would love to take them on a trip down there.  Port Issaac, Padstow, St Ives and Penzance are all on my list but rather than basing ourselves in one place I would like to stay somewhere different each night.

My 2015 Travel Resolution is…

I want to try and book in an ‘adventure’ a month so we have something to look forward to.  Of course the big trips and holidays are nice, but even if it is just a couple of days out or a weekend away.  I also want to book things in advance more rather than leave them till the last minute.



Top 3 Travel Wishlist for 2015…

1. Now the kids are a bit older (6 and 8) and able to take in more sights, I would like to visit Flandres and Barcelona as a family. I like the mix of city culture, seaside and great food and drink, all within a small area.

2. In the UK I love the idea of staying somewhere a little bit different, and I am looking forward to staying in a water tower we spotted via Cottages4You with my girlfriends in February.  We always make a really special weekend of it, and we’re planning to make it a bit of a creative retreat, with a friend teaching us how to make ravioli and I will be taking all we need to make bath bombs. I’m also on the hunt for somewhere exciting for Dad’s 70th, he loves birdwatching and walking.

3. Having taken the kids to Corfu in 2014, where we once holidayed pre kids, I would love to take the family on a road trip around Canada, following in the footsteps of our honeymoon road trip. And we are all desperate to go on another cruise – perhaps we can combine the two?

My 2015 Travel Resolution is…

Make some more great travel videos. I absolutely loved playing with the Go Pro in Malta, and I love the idea of packaging up our travels, both for us in years to come, but also to give other families better insights into travel experiences.

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