Because we’re so nosey, our regular feature delves into the suitcase of a different person each week. This time, it’s the very stylish suitcase belonging to Erica Davies, fashion editor and founder of MMM. Erica lives in London with her four-year-old son and two-year-old daughter, and is forever heading off on jaunts either with her family or on press trips with brands like Accessorize or Olympus.


I like to think of myself as a seasoned traveller and OBVIOUSLY have all the hand luggage essentials packed in a bag ready to go at any time, right? So wrong. As queen of the last school of, well, everything, I tend to hurl things in last minute and then pray WH Smith and Boots will sell the things I have undoubtedly forgotten on the other side of security control.

However, I do have a few tried and tested products that HAVE to come with me on every flight. Firstly, my iPad. This is obvious but oh so necessary. I recently posed a question on Twitter asking parents for great apps to entertain the kids on our return flight home from a half term break in Turkey. One sarcastic response was ‘a book?’ which made me inwardly seethe, but also laugh out loud – I mean, let’s try that question again when you’ve got your own kids, pal! Two apps that sensible parent friends suggested that I now thoroughly recommend are Hairy Letters and anything by Toca Boca.

What's in Erica Davies' suitcase

A huge scarf (3) is the perfect comfort blanket for either myself, or one of the kids. My daughter was over tired on a recent flight and fighting having a nap so getting VERY whingey. One soothing rendition of Lavender’s Blue (never sung it to her before in the lullaby capacity but bingo! Who knew?) and a Marks & Spencer cape later, we had peace. Also, it looks very chic thrown over a leather jacket for your travel outfit.

Now that I’m a mother of two, reading a book on a flight isn’t as easy as it once was. But I try. And I have to have a new novel (or five) for holiday – I’m definitely not a Kindle kind of a girl. At the moment I am reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon (2), which won a Pulitzer Prize back in 2001. It’s beautifully evocative, I’m really enjoying it.

My Aspinal travel wallet and passport cover (1) have been with me all over the world and I love them – along with stationary and pens, leather accessories make me very happy!

I always carry a spare set of underwear in my hand luggage because – well, you just never know! Now I have kids too, so I have a little Ziploc bag with spare pants for them and a small nylon zip bag for mine from Day Birger et Mikkelsen (5). My underwear choice would the simple but chic styles from Hanro, while for the kids I like Boden’s selection of fun prints (6). Also, add a brand new pack of wet wipes.

There are two very good reasons why a tuck box is essential when travelling with kids. One, they are ALWAYS hungry and two, airport food is rubbish and overpriced. So I take – as much as possible – a selection of snacks (and treats for difficult times!). I love every version of these snack boxes from This Modern Life (4).

A great red lipstick can take you great places – plus it can be used as a make up multi-tasker for cheeks and dabbed on eyelids if necessary. And along with distracting from a hangover, it’s excellent at making you appear fresh after a long, exhausting flight. I also carry lip balm on me at all times, particularly when travelling. My two favourites are Topshop’s Rio Rio lipstick (7) and Kadalys’ Banana Balm for lips.

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