We’re nosey by nature, and there’s nothing we like more than rooting around in someone’s hand luggage or suitcase to see what they take on holiday with them. Whether we learn fashion advice, a space saving tip or a brilliant buy we know will make travelling so much easier, we’re all about sharing the knowledge.

So we’ll be regularly inviting someone to share what’s in their case.

Next up, Space In Your Case contributor, Penny Alexander.


I am an ex Head of Film and Media Studies in a secondary school, so do I like to exercise my inner jackass and put my skills to use, in documenting our holidays, which occasionally annoys my kids, as it can look a lot like I am Inspector Gadget:


People often ask about my camera, I might not be the best photographer, but because my camera is so light I take it everywhere. It is described as a professional-level pocket size camera, which can compete with a DSLR and gets results, especially with additional interchangeable lenses to play with. It also makes great video and has a particularly good microphone. It is a Sony NEX5T (1),

We just invested in a Go Pro Hero 4, video camera (2) which you can see me sporting on my head above. It really is so much fun for all the family. Hands free, portable, waterproof and childproof, it’s a fun way to capture your holiday.

I love a bag that I can wear cross body, to keep my hands free and my stuff safe when travelling. I love my Lowepro Passport Sling iii (3), which has internal padding for a camera and lens, space for purse, sunnies and tablet, lots of side pockets to keep my mobile, tickets, passport and lipstick in easy reach.  Plus a space for a water bottle which means your drink will never leak on your camera. It makes travel a breeze.

We are huge Trunki fans, we love the cases, the paddlepak rucksacks are perfects for carry on, and my son has recently fallen in love with the Lotus Boostapak (4), which is a car seat booster and rucksack in one. We always underestimate the number of journeys we need a booster seat for on holiday. Full review of the Lotus Boostapak here and the Trunki here.

Travel is so much better when comfortable, I have tried a few pillows, and really like the RoamWild Travel pillow (5) because apart from the soft velour coated neck cushion, you can also inflate two extra side supports. There are then a whole 5 different ways of using it to get truly comfortable. I found the pillow really easy to use, the side supports inflate in seconds and the cushion itself moulds to your neck really comfortably, with just the right level of squishiness. They are great for aeroplanes, but also car trips and as I discovered last week, train journeys, when your flight is delayed by 6 hours and you really need to catch up on some sleep ahead of a meeting.

This works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray (6), does what it says on the tin, perfect for unravelling me, and the kids after a long journey. Failing that some lavender hand cream.

Our kids are following in our gadget footsteps, my husband always uploads some cartoons onto the iPad for holiday travel and headphones are a must too. Although despite my gadgetry I can be a luddite and will never travel without an old fashioned holiday scrapbook (7), glue stick, pens and colouring pencils to keep them happy in restaurants, cafes and hotel rooms.

Penny Alexander's suitcase


Here’s my latest video made with the Go Pro, the full Malta experience with James Villas is over at parentshaped.co.uk.



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