When people think of holidays to the Caribbean they automatically see themselves lying on long sandy beaches with a cocktail in one hand and a book in the other. While there is plenty of to appreciate and enjoy with this type of holiday there is far more variety to be savoured in this stunningly beautiful section of the world. From the natural beauty of countless rainforests with the flora and fauna that they provide, to amazing sights from the islands’ heritage during colonial times there is plenty to see on land. But it’s on the waves of the Caribbean Sea with its out of this world diving, snorkelling and sailing holiday experiences that sees the region really comes alive.

Recent data released by yacht charter company Sailogy has shown that almost 40% of UK holidaymakers between the ages of 25 and 34 love the idea of a sailing holiday and families are no exception. Families who have taken a sailing holiday say it’s a totally different experience, where the whole family comes together, without the distraction of other holidaymakers or activities – it’s real down time with those they love most. A sailing holiday is far from boring though! With a constantly changing beach landscape, snorkelling, fishing, and leaping off the boat into crystal waters, there are still plenty of thrills for the younger adventurers. Plus they’ll enjoy helping out with crewing, and bunking down for the night.

We take a look at the top spots to visit and things to do in their favoured holiday type and location of tacking a yacht charter on the Caribbean Sea.

Cayman Islands

Located just to the south of Cuba and west of Jamaica, the Cayman Islands offer some of the top scuba diving locations on the planet. While there are locations for every level of experience when it comes to scuba diving around the island of Little Cayman, the highlight of this area of the globe is the world famous Bloody Bay Wall. This vertical wall that dives down 1,000 feet has been described as the most breathtaking drop-off in the Caribbean and as one of the Seven Underwater Wonders of the Diving World.

The water is so clear around the wall that you have visibility for more than 200 feet all around you and it allows perfect viewing of this gigantic cliff face that is covered in sponges of an almost unfathomable number of bright, vivid colours to bring the wall to life. In addition to the flora on the Bloody Bay Wall there are vast numbers of different aquatic lifeforms to keep you company as you dive from your yacht charter around the Caribbean Sea.

British Virgin Islands

Situated between Puerto Rico and Anguilla, the British Virgin Islands are one of the top Caribbean Sea destinations for first time sailing holidays in this stunning area of the world. The is that the archipelagos that make up this island chain are so closely situated to each other that it is perfect for learning the ropes of yacht hire, due to the line-of-sight navigation and ease of mooring at each location.

With Sailogy offering yacht charters on the Caribbean Sea for just €85 per person per day on an eight person berth, the British Virgin Islands are the perfect port of call for anyone looking to set sail for the first time.


While Honduras has plenty to keep visitors occupied on land, we are far more interested in what can be seen at sea at one of the most westerly points of the Caribbean Sea. Visiting this Central American nation will allow holidaymakers to explore some of the best sunken wrecks in their watery graves. There are two main shipwrecks that both can be visited, along with several other smaller underwater sites too.

The Odyssey sits at a site known as the mud hole and divers can gain entry to the sunken freighter through a number of entry points, including the massive 85ft wheelhouse. Explore a twisting network of stairs and ladders, as well as a bathroom in the captain’s quarters that still has its original tiling. There is little sea life around the wreck as it was only sunk in 2002, but barracuda and sharks have been known to visit the area on a semi-regular basis.

The 230 foot long El Aguila, or “The Eagle” is the most famous Honduran wreck. This underwater treasure is surrounded by a fantastic eel garden and a coral reef, and is wide open to allow some very easy exploring where you’re likely to meet lobsters and plenty of other underwater creatures hiding in dark corners. On top of this there are several other wrecks, including a local DC-3 plane.

Honduras offers a stunning diving holiday if you enjoy exploring sunken treasures, but no matter what you’re looking for, a yacht charter of the Caribbean Sea is a lovely option for a family holiday.

This post is in collaboration with Sailogy.