Making a Disney reveal video is the perfect way to tell the kids they're going to the Magic Kingdom!

If you’ve ever planned a trip to Disney World Florida or Disneyland in Paris, you’ll know exactly what we’re getting at here. That bubble of excitement that you try to keep to yourself, but secretly, desperately want to share with your children. The anticipation of the joy on their faces as it dawns on them where they are going. We were inspired to make this Disney reveal video by Sally, who told her daughter Flea she was going to Maths Camp (is there even such a thing? It sounds like torture.) when in reality they were off to the Magic Kingdom.

We told GG and The Bug we were going to visit family in Guernsey. We had planned to tell them the awesome truth at the airport, but in the end we were just too excited to keep it to ourselves, begging the question, who are the biggest kids, the children, or their parents..?!

Helen’s Disney reveal video:

How did you tell your kids they were off to Disney?