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  1. Lynn Cooper

    We’ve done a lot of travelling throughout the world with my two boys who are now 1 and 3. I used my maternity leave as a teacher and my husband’s job as a mechanic offshore to use the time together to travel. My 3 year old has travelled from the UK to 11 countries and 1 year old has been to 8 countries.We have travelled west to the states and east to as far as New Zealand and many countries in between. I can offer advice about long haul flights, suitable destinations and travelling on a budget.

  2. Fiona Elliott

    I live in Guernsey, in the Channel Islands and have two children at primary school. I would like to write about Guernsey, such as:

    – top 10 beaches in Guernsey for families

    – reviews of family-friendly activities & events, such as kayaking, coasteering, the big regattas and festivals etc

    – family friendly places to stay and why (self-catering, camping and hotels)

    Information on how to submit, preferred styles, optimum photo sizes, length of content etc would be good to receive if available.

    • Helen Wills

      Hi Fiona, do use our email to contact us with a proposal, we’d love to hear from you!

  3. Glyn

    Hello we are 4 adults looking for a ski holiday during feb half term.

  4. Sarah Clark

    Hi, We’re looking to hire a beach hut on Sat 29th August preferably in Mersea but anywhere otherwise ? Preferably facing the sea front row? Could you advise if there’s any available ?


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