Congham Hall luxury hotel in Norfolk

Last Autumn we were guests of Congham Hall Hotel, a gorgeous luxury hotel in Norfolk. Always somewhere on the list, the Norfolk coast was a trip I’d been putting off, for fear of a hellish journey out of London and into the wilds of coast and country. But I was pleasantly surprised by the journey, which took less than 2 hours, and saw us breathing a peaceful sigh of relaxation well before we were hungry for dinner.

A beautiful luxury hotel in Norfolk

The first thing we noticed about this charming hotel was the attention to detail. From the moment we pulled up in the courtyard, the personal touches were evident. Someone loves this place; it’s not just their business, it’s their baby, and the thought that has gone into it makes it all the more special. From twinkly lights at the entrance, to the marvellous boots in the entrance hall, Congham Hall says comfortable class like no other hotel I’ve stayed in.

Beautiful touches at Congham Hall hotel

We were visiting in the run up to Christmas, and we really were lavished with festive spirit and ready for the holidays by the time we came home. Here are the 5 best things about Congham Hall:

5 Reasons to visit Congham Hall Hotel

  1. The beauty of it. Perfect finishing touches, a peaceful courtyard, beautiful furnishings. It really is a place to relax and smile.
  2. The food. We dined on locally sourced crab and home-grown vegetables. Simple but absolutely delicious food, and nothing was too much trouble. And we were blown away by the wine list. Just check out the short video clip below to see how they present their wines.
  3. The spa. We enjoyed a fizz in the hot-tub on our first evening, and the massage I had the following morning was quite simply heaven!
  4. The gardens. Congham Hall has its own kitchen garden, resplendent with fruit trees and herb patches, the variety of which astonished me. I’d never heard of Mint Orange!
  5. The comfort. Our room was spacious, with beds worth sinking into, a DVD player we could enjoy a film-night on, and patio doors opening into the country garden.

I can quite honestly say we didn’t want to come home!

Congham Hall is just a 2 hour drive from London, but feels like another world. For more information on our stay, visit Actually Mummy.

Disclosure: we were guests of Congham Hall for the purposes of review.