Staying in an apartment, hotel or even a tent is so last year- for a unique place to stay why not try a treehouse?

If you have ever dreamed of getting back to nature, sleeping high up in the treetops, a tree house holiday is definitely for you.  We recently stayed for two nights in the Living Room Treehouses  in Wales.  With young children, aged three and one, we weren’t sure what to expect from our stay but we were blown away with the tree houses, which are stunningly beautiful and incredible state of the art structures.

Arriving at the remote valley in the heart of the Welsh mountains, the first thing we noted was the very minimal phone signal, perfect to get away from real life.  We were greeted by Mark, the owner, who helped us carry our bags over a field, across a wobbly bridge towards our treehouse.  After a few moments we spotted it, a truly magnificent sight, blending beautifully into the landscape, high up in the tree canopy.

 They have five tree houses, each unique as the trees in which they were built.  The tree houses are purposefully built away from each other, meaning that you have a lot of privacy, and really feel like you are on your own in the middle of nowhere.  Accessing our treehouse via the spiral staircase, we were truly amazed by what we found inside.  A cool, funky interior, but still fully keeping with the natural tones of the earth and environment.  Mark had lit lots of candles for us, making it feel romantic, magical and very exciting.

The heart of your treehouse is a woodburning stove which heats the treehouse beautifully; it also heats the water that falls from the spring water shower.  There is a basic kitchen containing all the things you need, such as pans, crockery and cutlery etc.  Of course, the treehouse has no electricity meaning that with  lanterns, tea lights and lamps, nights at Treehouse are romantic and peaceful.  Indeed we put our girls to bed quite soon after and sat out on the wooden terrace area with a large glass of wine, watching the sheep roaming in the field nearby.  It was utter bliss.

The bed was bizarrely one of the comfiest we had ever slept on, a large double, and although the treehouse creaks at night due to bending and moving with the trees, (it was particularly windy when we went) we actually slept really well, and awoke the next morning with the sun pouring in the large round windows next to us.

For those wondering about toilet facilities, the treehouse has an ensuite Swedish compost toilet, high in the treetops!   Even that was tastefully done with artwork on the walls although I must admit to asking my husband to come out with me to the toilet at 3am in the morning because it was just so dark!

 The tree houses are situated in Powys in Wales, just outside Machynlleth, and with the coast less than twenty minutes away.  There is lots to see and do but even if you stayed in the secluded valley, you could find lots to do with breathtaking walks, simple board games in the tree house and a village pub to walk to as well.  It was wonderful just to switch off.

We genuinely had the most unique and special experience in the tree house, which is perfect for a romantic getaway just the two of you or with your family too.  Our children are young but we didn’t worry about them as the tree houses are very safe, of course it is important to watch them though.  Built with care, to blend seamlessly with the beautiful woodlands they really are a world away from the pressures of modern life.



Rates start from £349.00 for a two night family stay.  The tree houses are normally booked for two nights.


This experience is available year round. You can book your 3-day/2-night break to start on Sunday, Wednesday or Friday.  Arrival is usually 3pm on Day 1 with departure around 11am on Day 3.


You really are at one with nature, with no electricity in your tree house.  Remember to pack torches and also charge your phone/camera/iPad fully before you leave.


Head to the Living Room website to find out more or call 01654 703700.

You can also check out our video of our stay below…