There’s been a recent trend in solo travel for cruises. According to Panache Cruises, cruise operators are increasingly seeing bookings for single travellers on their ships. So, with a new market entering the holiday cruise arena, here’s how to plan a cruise as a solo traveller.  

Is a cruise a good option for a solo traveller?

Cruising makes sense for solo travellers. No longer the remit of retired couples, a cruise offers the opportunity to see multiple outstanding travel destinations from one single base – your cruise cabin. The generation who grew up exploring the world aren’t happy with no longer travelling just because they find themselves single, so the community on board a cruise ship seems like an obvious choice to find people like you, whilst maintaining your independence.

Photo by ben o’bro on Unsplash

Why solo cruising works

  • As the popularity of solo cruising continues to rise, cruise lines are responding to demand by fitting more single cabins to new and existing ships, making cruise holidays more accessible for solo travellers.
  • Embarking on a solo trip can be daunting for many, so putting your trust into a luxury cruise line is a great way to make sure your trip will be smooth, safe, and stress-free.
  • Choose a smaller cruise line to the most of group excursions, choosing flexible dining options and making the most of the ship’s amenities. It also means the crew can get to know you, and can make sure your trip caters to your needs.
  • People wishing to cruise on their own should also look out for special itineraries without single supplements, so you can stay in a twin or double cabin with no penalties.
  • Cruises offer ample opportunities to mix with other travellers through the activities organised by the crew.
  • When you’re on a group excursion to a port, the cruise line normally guarantees that the ship will wait for you should something happen which makes you late. This ensures you can explore new cities, make new friends and feel completely safe.

How to plan a cruise as a solo traveller

Choose the right cruise

There is a difference between singles and solo cruises. Make sure you’re choosing the cruise that you need, whether it’s a holiday designed specifically for singles, or a cruise where the only agenda is travel – you just happen to be welcomed as a solo guest.

Choosing a smaller, luxury cruise ship with less passengers is often preferable for solo cruisers. Fewer passengers mean a higher guest to crew ratio, allowing you to feel more looked after and catered to while on-board. You’re more likely to get to know fellow guests, too, and strike up friendships and social connections.

Think about excursions

When travelling alone, taking group excursions can be the best way to stay safe, especially after dark. Guided tours can help you to explore beautiful destinations without being concerned about where you are or how to get back to the ship.

Make the most of the amenities on-board

Luxury and ultra-luxury ships offer some of the most exclusive and indulgent passenger facilities. Travelling solo gives you the ability to personalise your trip and make the most of amenities which suit you best. From spa and fitness facilities to cooking classes and entertainment, different cruise lines offer different activities, so make sure you know what’s available before you book.

Think about how you’d like to eat

Some cruise lines ask passengers to choose early or late seating times for dinner and ask you to eat at the same table with the same people, each night. This might feel restrictive for solo cruisers, so look at cruise lines that offer open seating and flexible timing, so you can either dine solo or make impromptu plans with passengers you meet in the daytime. Never feel obliged to sit at the same table with the same people every night; simply ask the Maître d’ if you can change your table and sitting time.

For more advice on booking a solo cruise holiday, search individual cruise operators to see what they offer. The opportunity for cruise travel has suddenly become a viable option, whatever your age, and however you like to travel!