For many parents, childcare or a kids’ club being offered on a holiday can be the deciding factor on whether to book. Of course, most of us look at holidays as a chance to spend some quality time with our family – many of us appreciate the chance to take a few hours to ourselves while the children play under supervision.

But it can be tricky to know how good the kids’ club or nanny service really is, so we’re chatting to different travel brands and the members of staff who offer childcare. Today, we’re speaking to Kim Cornish, who is a nanny with Scott Dunn Travel

Kim, what’s your favourite part of your job?

Seeing children having fun and enjoying themselves! Also, building relationships with families and being able to see parents fully relax and indulge in their holiday without having to worry about a thing the appreciation you get from a parent that has had chance to read a book they have not had time to do in years is priceless!

What made you want to become a holiday nanny?

I decided to become a holiday nanny after my much loved twin girls set off for big school and they no longer needed my care. Combining my two passions; the rewarding job of working with children, and travelling the world, has led me to work in some of the world’s best ski resorts and most beautiful summer destinations.

What kind of training have you received?

All Scott Dunn nannies hold a level 3 childcare qualification, DBS check, paediatric first aid qualification and are also water safety trained. Along with activity training to ensure every nanny knows fun games and activities. Scott Dunn nannies are also handpicked for their experience, knowledge and glowing references.

What is the best thing you can say to reassure someone who potentially could be feeling a little apprehensive about leaving their children with a Scott Dunn nanny?

It’s perfectly normal for parents to feel anxious about leaving their children, even more so in new surroundings and with a new person. I feel it puts parents at ease when they know a bit more about their nannies experience and qualification. Spending time talking to parents and really getting to know their children’s routines, allergies, likes, dislikes and comforters is also key to reassuring parents in our capability of providing the best childcare possible.

And what about parents who might have little ones who are reluctant to leave their mum and dad on holiday?

Children can take a little longer than we can to adapt to different surroundings and unfamiliar people, but can also be very easily distracted when it comes to a playroom full of exciting toys and games! Bringing a child’s comforter or favourite teddy from home can help the child settle with the nanny. All of our nannies are very experienced in these situations and are great at reassuring parents and using distraction techniques!

What does a typical day with a Scott Dunn nanny look like?

A typical day with a Scott Dunn nanny would firstly start with the nanny making sure the children had lots of sun cream on, correct footwear and hats and then heading outside to the villa grounds to embark on a treasure hunt. We like to talk to parents and children and plan activities that are both age appropriate and also to the children’s interests. Popular activities include face painting, story reading, sports day races, jigsaw puzzles and heading to the pool for a swim. The villas private chef will also always ensure the children always have a healthy and nutritious lunch which even the fussiest eaters will enjoy. Dependent of age nannies are happy to assist with bath and bed time to make sure a good night’s sleep is had by all ready for tomorrow’s day of fun.

What do you do to ensure parents and kids are happy on a Scott Dunn villa holiday?

Excellent communication is key here. It is an extremely important part of my role as a nanny to work very closely with parents and ensure I’m following their wishes. It is also important for me to be communicating with the children and getting ideas and input from them to ensure they are enjoying their holiday. We have an activity plan which we go through with parents at the start of the holiday, and try to incorporate as many of the children’s likes or interests in as possible. The chef will also go through the children’s menu plan and make sure all the favourite dishes are in there!

What do you think sets Scott Dunn apart from the rest, when it comes to childcare?

Scott Dunn nannies go above and beyond expectations and are all dedicated to ensuring families have the best holiday. Our nannies are all carefully selected for their experience, attention to detail, reliability, attitude, knowledge, and their fun, kind and caring personalities. We also have plenty of childcare equipment that can be in the villa on your arrival so you don’t need to worry about bringing the essentials and Scott Dunn also makes life easier by providing all nappies, child’s farm toiletries and wet wipes which makes packing that less bit stressful!

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