Putting your children in a childcare setting whilst on holiday can be a very daunting thing, especially if they don’t go to to any sort of provider at home. However kids clubs, creches and childcare facilities can be one of the highlights of a family holiday for both adults and children alike- firstly it gives parents a chance to have a couple of hours relaxing which as we all know is very much a luxury in our busy lives, and secondly children can learn and have the most amazing experiences through trying new things.

We have a series running on SIYC where we chat to childcare professionals in some of the best and busiest resorts. Next up we are chatting to Kirsty, the childcare manager at the Mark Warner Sea Gardens Resort in Turkey, a beautiful all inclusive resort set in landscaped gardens within a gorgeous pine forest, this sizable all-inclusive resort overlooks three breathtaking bays on the southern coast of Turkey’s Bodrum peninsula.

1. As parents to young children, we feel really nervous about leaving our children in childcare on holiday, especially for the first time. What is the best thing you can say to reassure someone who potentially could be feeling a little apprehensive about leaving their children at Mark Warner childcare?

Mark Warner is renowned for its first class childcare, employing only qualified British nannies in all of their resorts. All members of the Childcare team a fully trained and have a huge background in all types of childcare settings. It is understandable that some parents may feel a little apprehensive about leaving their children on holiday but they really are in good hands.. The day is jam packed with so many activities, children have way too much fun to even think about mum and dad. But if parents wish to stay and play for a while, then they are most welcome to join in until they feel ready to leave their child in kids club. As a manager I always like to find parents throughout the day and reassure them that their little ones are doing just fine and that they can relax and enjoy their time in the sun!

2. Can you describe to us a typical day at a Mark Warner Kids Club?

A typical day in a Mark Warner Kids Club starts at 9am. The first hour is usually spent doing something arts and crafty like making an under the sea painting and then it’s swim suit on and out to the beach for an hour of windsurfing, sailing or kayaking with one of our qualified instructors. After that it’s time for a cool down and a mid morning snack, under a palm tree in the shade is the best spot. But there’s more fun to be had so after snack time, we play a group game of Rip Tag or Sardines or Volleyball. Then after all that running around its time to be mind boggled with riddles and mind games before being picked up for lunch at 12.30 with the family.

After lunch it’s back into our swim suits for an hour in the swimming pool, relay races, sink and dive competitions and wettest link are my favourite pool games. After the pool it’s more fun on the beach, this time we have a sandcastle competition or just have fun burying the nanny. And to finish off a very busy day we spend the last hour practicing our dance routine for the Show that we put on each week for all the families in resort.

3. What’s your favourite part of your job?

My most favourite part about my job is meeting so many different people. Each week I get the chance to meet new families from all over the UK and spend the whole week getting to know them. After so many years working for Mark Warner I have met some amazing people.. both guests and other staff members, most of which I am still in touch with today.

4. Can you give us a top tip when it comes to leaving our little ones in a MW childcare setting?

I’d say my top tip for leaving your little ones in one of our clubs is to provide us with as much information as possible. Their likes and dislikes, favourite stories and songs, anything that will help us create a special bond with your child and help to make them feel safe and settled in our care.

5. What do you do to ensure that both children and parents are happy and enjoy their time with MW?

It is important that we, as a childcare team, work together to provide the best possible care to all children during their stay. I think liasing with parents is crutial in order for us to make sure both the child and the parents are happy. Every child is different and has different needs so it’s extremely important that we know as much as we can about the children that are in our care. Speaking with parents about what works best for them and their usual daily routine is so important, especially with young ones, and all helps to ensure that the children are having a good time in kids club. And once the children are happy, the parents can then relax and enjoy some free time together as a couple!

For more information about Mark Warner, or to book your ski or summer holiday, please visit www.markwarner.co.uk or call 0844 3348 230.