What’s your worst travelling with kids story? I’ve collected some corkers today, plus a great prize to cheer us up!

I’ve been fairly lucky travelling with my kids, apart from being weed on, on a plane to Spain (always carry spare clothes for you and for kids) and the extra 6 hours at Malta airport, (on my husband’s 40th of all days – at least we had the Hard Rock Cafe to hang out in) it has all been pretty manageable.

My husband is great at loading up his tablet with loads of new cartoons they have never seen before, which always keeps them quiet. But a tablet in small hands, while brilliant, is also one more thing you might lose, and leaves us twiddling our thumbs, which is why I love today’s prize!



On the Movies” is a great new range of kids back packs designed to keep both kids and parents happy on the move!

The adorable animal backpacks contain a high brightness 7in touch screen Tablet PC, allowing you to play movies/games, go online on the move!

A transparent window in the pocket of the backpack lets the kids watch, and use the tablet whilst actually in the bag!

The specially designed kids tablets have a coloured bumper protective case. As well as playing movies, kids can take photos with the integrated camera, and play them on their bag. On the movies tablets come with a high resolution 1024 x800 screen, and 8GB storage allowing you to download photos, games. Apps, Music and Movies.. Additionally, up to 32GB Micro SD is supported, allowing you to add more storage as required.

The high quality Dual core tablet comes with a wide selection of Educational and fun games pre-loaded. USB, and HDMI ports allow connection to other computers or TV to download films or more apps.


What was your worst experience of travelling with kids?

Mine’s a 10 hour overnight flight where GG wanted all 4 seats in order to sleep! Helen, SIYC

Getting to our Wiltshire hotel, after a 3.5 hour drive, and discovering we’d left our child’s suitcase at home! Alison, SIYC

Travelling home from Corfu with a 5 and 18 month old – the plane was delayed by 18 hours and I had to try and entertain bored children in an airport that literally had nothing to do – we didn’t get offered food or drink and Callan ended up stealing people’s Pringles! Kara, Chelsea Mama.


Long haul is always going to be a challenge, but worth it for the rewards..

My first long-haul journey with the girls (8 months and 2.5). I flew to America for my brother’s wedding and my husband flew separately a week later. As I sat in my seat waiting for everyone else to disembark, feeling like a pariah, a woman with a Southern (American) accent rested her hand on my shoulder and said simply “I was praying for you”. Kelly, Domestic Goddesque

Coming home from Florida and the airline sold our seats to people that had been stranded for a week. We had to stay overnight in an awful hotel in Atlanta and were told we’d have to sleep in the airport after that, for up to 2 weeks! A lovely lady took pity on us with 2 kids and a pregnant mum and got us on a business class flight home. We were so grateful we named our baby after her! Marcia is her middle name. It’s kind of cool when people ask how we named our kids.  Susanne, GhostwriterMum.com


Some of you are more adventurous about family travel

Driving from Florida to Utah (2500 miles) with two toddlers and two big burly men, being six months pregnant, in a minivan packed with everything important to us. At the height of summer. Littlest got sick and puked all over and the smell was impossible to get rid of for three days. Never again!! Katie 

Teaching a 6yo to use a squat toilet in the dark – or, more importantly, how to leap up with your knickers round your ankles when you realise the toilet is infested with cockroaches. Helen 


Sometimes it isn’t your own kids who are the challenge…

In 1998, on a three day train journey across India, a boy of about ten years old approached me for a cigarette and then hung around hassling me before I fell asleep, he stole my money and my shoes … Guy


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