We’re nosey by nature, and there’s nothing we like more than rooting around in someone’s hand luggage or suitcase to see what they take on holiday with them. Whether we learn fashion advice, a space saving tip or a brilliant buy we know will make travelling so much easier, we’re all about sharing the knowledge.

So we’ll be regularly inviting someone to share what’s in their case.

First up, Space In Your Case contributor, Alison Perry.


“I like to be comfortable when I go on holiday, so I take basics to wear like (1) striped t-shirts (I have been known to take seven different striped tees away with me…) but I’ll always take at least three statement necklaces (3) with me to jazz them up. Yep, I said “jazz up”, I’m officially a mum now. On that same comfort vein, I’ll take my slippers (7) with me – my current pair are from The White Company and they’re oh so comfortable.

“I like my sleep, and that still applies when I go on holiday, so I’ll always – without fail – take my daughter’s Gro Clock (5) with me. This genius piece of kit teaches toddlers and pre-schoolers when they can get out of bed in the morning, long before they can tell the time. Since travelling and moving time zones can disrupt little ones’ body clocks, we rely on the Gro Clock to help us out. We also always take our daughter’s favourite toy (4) (or toys – we often take a whole family of soft toys) and a Little Life wheelie suitcase (2) to pop all of our daughter’s belongings in – it’s light weight and easy for little people to wheel along. Last but by no means least, the ultimate holiday multi-tasker: my iPad Mini (6). What else can switch from being a book, a music player and a Twitter feed to a child’s game? Whether it’s keeping me entertained on the beach, or my daughter entertained during an airport delay, it’s my top pick.”

What's in Alison Perry's suitcase?

You can see some more of what Alison takes on holiday to keep her four-year-old entertained in this video. What do you take on holiday with you? Tell us in the comments below. And if you’d like to show us what’s in your case, email editor@spaceinyourcase.com.