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If your teen is looking for a GAP year travel abroad is often the first choice. One option is teaching English as a foreign language, and we have some great advice on how to decide where to go…

So, you’re finally ready to take on the awesome challenge of working abroad, and you’re in need of advice. If you’re aware that this is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, you’re on the right track! For a potential ESL teacher, there are always two major factors of concern: the money that can be made, and the availability of open positions. As a guide, we’ve put together a list of five countries that offer both many opportunities, and great remuneration:

Earn up to $3,000 per month in Japan

If you’re looking for a unique teaching experience in the eastern world, Japan is the right place for you. Its breath-taking beauty along with the unique mindset of the people, make it the perfect choice. Another fact that makes it number one is that gaining citizenship in this superb country takes only 5 years of continuous service, while the country at #2 (even though it offers higher pay) requires 30 years of residence. Also worth considering is the fact that it statistically offers the world’s highest standard of living out of 175/180 sovereign countries, and is also the highest rated Asian country.

Earn up to $4,000 per month in the United Arab Emirates

We’re sure you’re quite familiar with the incredible structures and marvels of nature that the UAE have to offer. Other than that, $4,000 per month is the world’s highest ESL wageUAE’s employers, like those in Japan, often also have free housing on offer for their potential foreign ESL teachers. Remember though that UAE’s ESL employers have an extremely high standard, and that a fair amount of teaching experience is almost always a prerequisite. A TEFL certificate is also something you’re obligated to have if you wish to apply for a job here.

Take home a paycheck of up to $3000 per month in Saudi Arabia

If you don’t know anything about Saudi Arabia, we can tell you that its citizens are incredibly social and polite. Saudi Arabia is one of the most developed countries of the eastern world, and as such, it highly values the English language. Every ESL teacher is more than welcome here, and every citizen will greet them with respect. Also worth mentioning is that the impressive average pay in this country is increased by the fact that your residence is tax-free as an ESL teacher.

Work in Kuwait and Get Paid up to $2,600 per month

Kuwait is such a popular work destination for foreigners (including ESL teachers) that up to 70% of its inhabitants are expats. As a result, Kuwait is in great need of English teachers. So much so that every ESL teacher gets to live there tax-freeYou won’t just be held in high esteem for the line of work you’re in, you will also get more benefits than many of the actual locals themselves.

Earn up to $2,000 per month in Thailand

One of the world’s few remaining monarchies, and one of the most beautiful countries, Thailand has a great mixture of both opulence and adventure at every step. If you want to have a lot of fun while teaching, there’s no better place than Thailand. Foreigners are also held in high esteem in Thailand, and their culture of tradition and respect is a very attractive prospect. Thailand is famous for its low accommodation costs and high wages, while someone as crucial to their society as an ESL teacher can often get free housing.

Draw a monthly salary of up to $2,000 in Vietnam

Since Vietnam finally restored a good part of its infrastructure and managed to exploit its resources to the utmost extent, it can nowadays be considered a modern and successful Asian country. There are two things that make Vietnam an incredible ESL option: beauty and affordability. Out of all the countries on this list, Vietnam has the lowest rent charges. $2000 per month while living in an affordable, yet beautiful home seems to be the favored option. As such, a great many ESL teachers are living and working in this country. Vietnam has a great future, and you can be part of it.

All of these countries have fantastic opportunities and great pay for any potential ESL teacher – we wish you luck with your teaching journey!